YouTube登録者数250万人、ノイタミナアニメOP「光るなら」などで知られるGoose houseから2017年に独立したSSW竹澤汀と、「make the scenery tune 〜景色に音を〜」をコンセプトに活動する m.s.t.(小山尚希、持山翔子)がタッグを組み活動する音楽クリエイターチーム。聴く人をノスタルジックでリリカルな「ここではないどこか」へ誘う。

Cinematographe are a music creator team consisting of singer/songwriter Migiwa Takezawa (a former member of the group "Goose house," who have 2.5million subscribers on YouTube and are known for the song of "Hikarunara" on the TBS TV anime "Your lie in April") and m.s.t.
Their music is based on the concept "Make the scenery tune" and is inspired by movies and other stories.
Through their nostalgic and lyrical songs, they invite the listener to be transported to "somewhere, not here